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Floraison Intimates
Sweet Pea Pack of 3 Maternity Bras
Regular price PKR 10,000.00
    Floraison Intimates
    Sweet Pea Maternity Bras
    Regular price PKR 4,250.00
    • Pink
    • Skin
    • White
    Floraison Intimates
    Comfort Jersey Robes
    Regular price PKR 5,500.00
    • Pink
    • Blue
    Floraison Intimates
    Cozy Sleepwear
    Regular price PKR 6,500.00
    • Black
    • Grey
    Floraison Intimates
    Comfy Floramama
    Regular price PKR 3,000.00
    • Creme
    • Powder Pink
    Floraison Intimates
    Mama Underwear
    Regular price PKR 1,250.00
    • Black
    • Pink
    • Skin
    Floraison Intimates
    Daffodil Nursing Bras
    PKR 1,875.00
    • Grey Stripes
    • Plain Grey
    • Plain Blue
    • Beige

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life, but it also demands extra care. While you are busy in a complete wardrobe revamp, don’t forget the bras.

    The best bras to wear during pregnancy is Maternity bras and Nursing bras.

    Buy your maternity bra or nursing bra in Pakistan to make breastfeeding just that little bit easier and more comfortable. While nursing your baby, get the best support with a nursing bra.

    Nursing bras, also known as feeding and maternity bras, are special kinds of solution bras that provide unconditional support during pregnancy and lactation period as they have extra room, which compensates for the enlargement of breasts. Their cups also have flaps that can be easily opened and closed for breastfeeding the child. A mother should be buying the maternity and nursing bras when she is in the third trimester of pregnancy because at that time women's bodies are changing rapidly and she needs complete support to be comfortable.

    For a mommy to be! Ideally you should have at least 3 nursing bras because you can wear one, wash one and keep one ready. Nursing bra size should be perfect because too tight can cause pain and so as too loose, the most important thing is to be comfortable and relax with the baby while nursing your baby. Nursing bras or a Maternity bra in Pakistan are easily accessible now because Floraison Intimate provides nursing bras which have cups that unclip from straps to give you convenient access when you need to pump or nurse.

    Maternity bras are crafted with soft and breathable cotton fabric that provides comfort throughout the day. They also have an inner lining that protects the breasts even in case of chafing.

    Apart from nursing bras and maternity bras! Florasion Intimate have cosy sleepwear in the softest fabric, mama underwear to support your belly and Jersey Robes for you to wear and to rest. 

    In Pregnancy, regular bras can be worn like t-shirt bras and wireless bras can be worn depending upon the comfort but as maternity bras are especially designed for pregnant women so it’s better to wear nursing or maternity bras.

    Be at ease and buy your favourite Nursing bras without any hustle and feel supported.

    Our Maternity Range starts from 2500/- from 6500/-

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