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            Women’s Underwear & Panties Online in Pakistan

            Buy our Floraison Intimate variety of underwear and Panties Online. Our sexy and comfortable range of panties for women in all the styles you desire for every occasion. Floraison panties are comfortable cotton Hipsters, Hip huggers with lace detailing, Brazilians, Cheekies, Seamless underwear, Thongs, Full coverage underwear, and high waisted underwear for all shapes and sizes. We have introduced super comfortable packs of underwear at the best affordable price.

            1. Boxer Shorts
            Boy shorts are super-comfortable and seamless. They are very functional and you can wear them with your skirts, flared dresses, under your yoga pants, and gym attire. It's sweat-free underwear and will keep you all-day dry and irritation-free.

            2. Classic Briefs
            These are your regular underwear and an essential part of women’s undergarments. The ones you buy in a pack of three or five. You can pair them with almost anything as long as your outfit is not body-hugging because that would put your panty lines on the display.

            3. Hipsters
            These are low-rise underwear and have wide coverage on the sides. Wear under your jeans, trousers. They go with almost everything. So make sure you have more than just a couple of them.

            4. Thongs
            Nothing says sexy as thongs do. But more than that, they're the perfect underwear type to wear with outfits where otherwise, the bump of your panty line can ruin the outfit.

            5. French-cut Panties
            Also known as high-cut panties, these are very 80s in their style. They have a high cut on the leg holes, which makes them better for circulation from the regular ones. They go superbly well with high-waist jeans with no panty lines.

            6. Control Briefs
            These are super comfortable underwear/briefs and all about functionality. They come with an adjustable elastic waistband to support them.

            7. Seamless Underwear
            This is one type that we should have more of. Unlike other types of underwear, they don't have stitches on them. Hence, making them perfect for every dress. It's eco-friendly and sustainable seamless underwear. This seamless underwear and smooth and no-show panty line underwear. Floraison has super soft underwear with moisture-absorbing honeycomb wicking material which means it will absorb all the sweat and will keep you dry and comfortable throughout.

            8. Lacy Underwear
            Shopping from Floraison Intimate is as easy in just one click. All the products are just under a one-stop online shop. From basic underwear to lacy underwear we have all. Lacy underwear can be most comfortable and soft if they are underlined. Floraison gives you a tremendous collection of all the gorgeous and rich colors with beautifully handcrafted lace and underlined crotch area. They come with a Bra Set, a pack of 2 underwear, and a pack of 3 underwear.

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