Brand Story

flo·​rai·​son | \ flȯrāzōⁿ \

It’s French, meaning ‘Blossoming’


It’s the blossoming of the femininity that we are focusing on.


Floraison means breaking chains, embracing femininity, celebrating freedom. Freedom of expression, of movement, in fact of the whole physical existence of a WOMAN.

Floraison, makes this need more desirable. The need to be more in control, the need to be confident, yet a desire to be more desirable. That is what a woman is, and that is what Floraison offers to her.

We are not bound by demographics, nor by beliefs. The only thing we believe is to pay attention to the basic life choice, that is, a female is able to buy the most essential form of a garment, ‘Lingerie’, without compromising on anything. From a child blossoming into a girl, or a girl stepping into womanhood, or a woman experiencing motherhood.  Floraison is her support at every stage of her life.

Lingerie, is a hidden secret, a word that is still whispered and never said out loud, so a want to have a trendy and modern ‘inner’ garment is somewhat buried under the taboos. Floraison, identifies what is the basic need of a woman within the norms of the society, and works towards making this experience a comfortable one.

We invite each and every one of you ladies to explore a new path. Begin a new journey with Floraison. This is the start of a journey of self-discovery and of making new milestones, this requires new energies and tapping of new resources. Floraison is your support, your friend in need.


Floraison, every woman’s inner confidence.


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